New Webkinz World Secret Recipe Cheats

Webkinz World is a fun way to bring your cute Webkinz pet to life, and besides from creating a fun living environment for their pets, many kids are addicted to collecting the colorful trading cards they receive after discovering a new recipe. Some of these recipes are hard to discover, so I’ve made a helpful list of some cheats for the hard to find secret recipes new for 2008. There are different ways to make food and drinks. First, you can cook and create food by using the grill, stove or even a 2017 panini press.

Florbuzzall Buggaburst:
You can make this by combining honey, sunflower seeds and tomato soup. This cute concoction looks like honey bees stuck in yellow jello! This costs k$16.

Fluffed Snuglapuffin:
You can make this by combining cookies, chicken noodle soup and hot chocolate. The end result somehow looks a lot like a blue muffin with hearts sprinkled on top. This will cost k$18.

Magmamora Lavallo:
To make a Magmamora Lavallo, combine a lollipop with dragon fruit and marshmallows. The result is a tasty looking science fair project with lollipops acting as the lava. Its price is k$17.

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many sandwich maker recipes so far that I know of for this year, but here are a few (they are more expensive too!).

Jest the Best Bagel:
This sandwich goes for a whopping k$24! To make it, mix pickles with tacos and a bagel. Sound disgusting? Thankfully the pickles and tacos are mostly used for decoration in the face and hat of Mr. Jester Bagel.

Astormishing Sandwich:
Next, this cool looking new sandwich is made with bread, jelly and a watermelon. The result is too cute! The watermelon seeds are used as raindrops! This sandwich costs k$22.

Slippamarink Sandwich:
This cute bagel could be eaten on a hot summer’s day or during the holiday season. This adorable sandwich is made by combining a bagel with an ice cream cone and a popsicle. All that’s missing is a magical top hat!

New blender recipes are all the rage this year, probably because the drinks and smoothies look so cute and colorful on the trading cards. They are fun to collect. Here’s what’s new for 2008:

Trickle Treacle:
This drink is for emo kids of fans of Halloween. It’s made by blending cola with pickles and a pumpkin. It looks spooky and probably smells scary as well! It goes for only k$15.

This is an icy drink made by combining a banana with iced tea and jelly. It’s not one of the cuter drinks but it’s new for this year and costs k$16.

Miellabeelado :
If icy isn’t your style, try something spicier like this new smoothie. In the blender combine honey with a chocolate milkshake and tacos for that extra kick! This drink costs k$23.

Quendidot Buzzitree:
Lastly, for any Webkinz vegetarians out there, this one is for you. It’s made by combining a salad with honey and pink lemonade. The result looks like a wheatgrass drink. Yum! (not). Its cost is k$18.

There are plenty of other recipies that have yet to be found such as the very kawaii Bubbaberriboo, Ocean Bubblyglub, Epochiquox Glimmer, Wishful Whirlawhip, Chortletorte, and the too cute Fraidy Parfait. If you need help, plenty of websites such as have forums with users who let others know what hasn’t worked yet, so you don’t waste your food items.

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